Finvex provides specific financial services to investment managers, financial advisors, banks, insurers and research houses. We design robust financial investment strategies in all asset classes with the focus to reduce investment risks. We combine academic research with our advanced and proprietary technology to analyze all types of financial risks. The purpose is to add stability to overall investment portfolios. Our solutions can include financial derivatives and different packaging techniques. We also act as investment specialists in relation to distribution and marketing of our solutions.

We believe in stability in our investment approach. Stability compounds and has historically been a very successful investment methodology. Where most managers and advisors focus on predicting returns, we focus on predicting risks.

Finvex is about delivery, not just advice. Our experience will result in usable solutions that are transparent and designed according to the highest standards. We operate with clearly agreed milestones to turn investment concepts into an accessible tangible financial product solution.

Finvex was created in 2009 and is a Brussels based partnership of financial investment experts with academic, investment banking and asset management background. The group has access to many expert researchers and data analysts to ensure that the highest standards of methodological compliance are applied for each development.


14 Apr 2016 - Finvex in the press
17 Jul 2013 - Finvex Group fifth white paper on asset allocation with risk factors                                    


Our core business technology is custom indexation. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us provide solutions.

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